Digital Photography Boot Camp – Testimonials

Past students from the Digital Photography Boot Camp share their experiences from the course below. To share your own experience to be featured, Contact Us >>

Theda Cornbower

My daughter was looking at my photos the other day and said, “Mom, your pictures are much better since you took that course.  Of course, they were good before but now you focus more on the subject and they are much better.”  How about that!?!?  I am certainly more aware of what my camera is capable of doing, even though I still tend to use the “normal” setting.  There are some shots, though, where I change the settings and feel comfortable doing it. Thank you, again, for adding to my appreciation for photography.

Kathryn Lang

I recently completed Denise Smith’s Photograhy Boot Camp.  I was thrilled with the course. It was well organized, most informative, and provided me with the tools to really utilize my Nikon SLR camera.  I feel fortunate to have been taught by a such a talented professional. I look forward to taking more photography courses offered by Denise.  If I had to rate this course – I would give it 5 stars!

Jim Kowal

Photography Boot Camp provides a solid foundation for taking better pictures. Everything from the technical aspects of photography to the features and capabilities of my camera was presented in easily understood terms.  The small class size coupled with an informal yet well-structured format allowed plenty of time for discussion and personal attention.

Craig Rivest

I took Denise’s photography bootcamp and I can’t say enough how insightful and educational her class was. The class helped me grasp the concepts I was lacking and was a great building block in learning photography.

Cindy Redin

I enjoyed the Forest Park classes.  I found it particularly interesting to see everyone’s photos from the same shoot.  And the feedback was great!


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