Design of it All

Design of it All represents our unique approach to a complete design strategy.

You put a lot of thought into the details of your home décor by carefully choosing furnishings, window treatments and lighting.  Now, families are giving that same level of consideration to the use of professional portraits as artwork for their homes.  At Denise Smith Photography we work with you and your family to create a work of art for a place of honor in your home…and that can be more satisfying than simply buying a piece of art at the store.

The ‘Design of It All’ concept offers a complete design strategy, much like working with an interior decorator. It includes planning a meaningful portrait session with a professional portrait artist to reflect a family’s lifestyle, as well as developing a vision of how the portraits will be used to create a decorative focal point.

When you combine the art of photography with the art of presentation, you create a stunning showcase of family heirlooms.

The ‘Design of it All’ concept can be the goal of any session at Denise Smith Photography.

Add your own creativity to the process!  The possibilities are virtually endless!

Denise Smith Photography also offers ‘Design Of It All’ Portrait Inspirations Home Affairs.  Host a relaxing evening in your home with friends for an information presentation and receive a generous thank you gift for your own décor needs.  Contact us here, or you can reach us during normal business hours at (413) 224-1636 for details.