Flash Back!

Last Saturday I had a session with a family that I had photographed twelve years ago and today I had a senior session that I had photographed when she was only six months old. It means the world to me that even though it’s been years since I last saw them they still valued my work enough to come back! Having long term relationships with my clients and capturing their life story is my passion.

The biggest obstacle in our lives today is time, or lack of it. To me the people that are taking the time to capture these monumental times in their lives are the lucky ones. The ones who say “we just don’t have the time to get everyone together” are the ones missing out. Photographs help us remember what the mind forgets. I know if it wasn’t for the old B&W photos of my family, I would never know what my parents looked like when they were younger. One of my favorite images was of my father standing in his army uniform leaning against a car on the beach with his helmet,and a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Everyone has memories and stories passed on but you need a face to go with them. That is why Photography is so very important.

Just the view behind my lens 🙂